Sustainable Web Hosting - Environment-Friendly

A graphic with windmills and solar panels representing green website hosting.

Why is web hosting bad for the environment?

  • Web hosting is storing and serving website data over the internet.
  • Websites are hosted from powerful datacenters so they can be quickly accessed over the internet. 
  • Datacenters use lots of electricity when they store, process and transfer data.
  • Electricity often comes from polluting sources, like coal and gas, that create Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) and have a big carbon footprint. 
  • About half the electricity used goes to waste. The energy used by typical datacenters is divided into 40% server computers, 40% refrigeration, 10% power supply, 5% storage, and 5% communications.

How can datacenters reduce their impact on the environment?

  • Switching to renewable energy sources like wind and solar and using less energy from polluting sources, also called the Green Energy Coefficient (GEC).
  • Minimizing the power used by non-IT activities like cooling, also called Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).
  • Improving equipment utilization when it is on, also called IT Equipment Utilization (ITEU).
  • Using efficient equipment to increase computer output per unit of power consumed, also called IT Equipment Energy Efficiency (ITEE).

Why is environment-friendly?

 Our Web Mastery LLC is relentlessly driving our sustainability impact to zero.

 Our commitment is to,

  • Operate at net zero now, not wait till 2050. The 2015 COP21 Paris Agreement set goals to limit global temperature increase to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, reducing emissions by 45% by 2030 and reaching net zero by 20250.
  • Continually assess our entire impact on the environment and work diligently to minimize it.
  • Only use offsets to achieve net-zero from our operations as a last resort.

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