Our Processes - How we do things around here!

Useful descriptions of the processes we follow so you know what to expect from us.

We aim to be as open and informative as possible about the processes we follow so that we can work together to get your website up and running.

1. Web Hosting Order Processing

  • Step 1: Choose the web hosting plan that best meets your needs.
  • Step 2: Complete the service request form on our website. You can provide your domain name later if you don’t have it yet.
  • Step 3: We send an email and a text for you to confirm that we have them both recorded correctly and for security.
  • Step 4: We send you an invoice via email with a link to provide payment. We accept most credit/debit cards, Paypal, Venmo and bank payments.
  • Step 5: You complete payment via your preferred method.
  • Step 6: Once you provide your domain name, we will set up a WordPress site on our servers and DNS entries on our Domain Name Servers.
  • Step 7: You change the DNS details with your Domain Name Registrar to point to our Domain Name Servers (ns1.ourwebmastery.com and ns2.ourwebmastery.com). See Move to our Domain Name Servers below.
  • Step 8: We generate SSL certificates for your new website and configure http: requests to redirect to secure https: requests.
  • Step 9: We send you temporary strong login credentials in two parts: via email and text.
  • Step 10: You log in to your new WordPress website and change to your preferred strong password.
  • Step 11: You are all set to turn your ideas into a fantastic website.

2. Move to our Domain Name Servers (DNS)

You must change the DNS settings at the Domain Name Registrar, where you bought your domain name, to point to the ourwebmastery.com Domain Name Servers. A Domain Name Server is like an address book. It allows anyone worldwide to ask where your domain is hosted. Once your Registrar points to our Domain Name Servers, we can let everyone know the address where your website is hosted.

The Domain Name Registrars all have a different way of doing this, but the overall process is,
  • Login to the Domain Registrar where you bought your domain name, e.g. Godaddy.com.
  • Select your Domain Name on the dashboard.
  • Select an option to manage or change DNS settings.
  • Select an option to change Nameservers.
  • Add ns1.ourwebmastery.com and ns2.ourwebmastery.com as replacement Nameservers.
  • Accept a warning that changing Nameservers can impact your website’s visibility.
Specific instructions for a selection of popular Domain Name Registrars
  • Log in to godaddy.com with your credential
  • Select the Domain Name your are asking us to host
  • Click Domain on the left sidbar (world logo)
  • Click Manage DNS
  • Click Nameservers
  • Click Change Nameservers
  • Click I’ll use my own namerservers, and paste the following into the two boxes below, ns1.ourwebmastery.com and ns2.ourwebmastery.com
  • Click save
  • Click Continue and Verify
  • Log in to Google Domains (now SquareSpace)
  • Click manage next to the domain your want to manage
  • Click DNS on the left sidebar
  • Click Custom name server at the top of the page
  • In the “Names Servers” field(s) enter the following,  ns1.ourwebmastery.com
  • Click “+Add another name server” and enter the following, ns2.ourwebmastery.com
  • Click Save
  • Click Switch to these settings

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